Big Sur California Summer 2016

I was born and raised in Southern California and I don't think I ever will leave. California beaches are all so different and I love being able to travel all around and enjoy the beauty they all have to offer.
One of my favorite all time California beaches is ANYWHERE in Big Sur (Northern California). We visited in Summer of 2016 and found the most amazing almost fake looking coves winding up and down for miles which made this place feel like a dream. We stayed in a rad little campsite which I thought we would never get so last minute. Went on some epic hikes with some pretty breathtaking views, and I swam in my first waterfall full of fresh water rainbow trout! 
Another bonus for us was that our campsite rested exactly at the beginning of a bitchin trail head with some of the biggest red woods I have ever seen! How lucky we are I though to myself the whole time... I get to be with my man in the middle of nowhere drinking from a fresh creek that goes right through our site. Couldn't get any better than this right? Wrong. As everyone probably already knows, I am a nature addict and anything that has to do with animals I'm like WOOOHOOOOO!! Any ways we saw so much wildlife I couldn't believe it. Deer, rabbits, birds, lizards, sea life, and the most beautiful wild ferns, moss, and other plant life! I literally felt like we were in Avatar no joke. Plus the shelling wasn't too bad hehe! All and all this trip one one for the books and I will never forget it. We will definitely see you soon BIG SUR!
Please enjoy this little photo diary of some of the spots we visited.