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"ROOTSSEA is a collection of jewelry, accessories, and adventures inspired by a love for nature and a passion for being totally original and unique. The goal is to make wearable pieces of art that are all completely one of a kind with an emphasis on helping the planet. Each gem is found by hand and transformed into a beautiful memory that everyone can enjoy. Using high quality and eco-friendly materials, ROOTSSEA strives to provide a positive experience throughout every lifestyle."





I had always collected sea glass, shells, and other gems found from nature. And on my first international trip to Bali Indonesia I felt the designs come alive. Every time I would look down at the blue coral and sea shell filled beaches, I would become entranced in all styles of jewelry I could make in my brain. So my journey began by wearing mostly items with natural holes and stringing them around my neck. It brought me so much joy knowing that I found these gems by myself and always had a piece of nature on me at all times. Later that year in 2014 I came up with the name ROOTSSEA. This name came from my love for the land and sea and for my love of reggae music. I hope to spread this love and awareness to keep our planet clean and educate in the process.


 My collections reflect my love for the ocean and what the world has to offer. My goal is to share it with you!