Rootssea, a brand that was born out of a natural love for reggae music and a strong desire to help the planet, creates sustainable and simplistic jewelry that is a perfect fit for all mermaids.

The brand started as a travel-based hobby but has now transformed into a growing small business that produces artisanal jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is crafted by hand with utmost care and precision in a small beach town off the coast of Southern California using only high-quality, eco-friendly materials and packaging.

Rootssea's impressive collection boasts personalized necklaces that can be customised according to the wearer's preferences, dainty bracelets that are perfect for stacking, and gorgeous earrings that evoke a sense of elegance. The heart and soul of Rootssea is evident in every piece of jewelry they create, and it is what has made the brand what it is today.




My love for the land and sea is unwavering, and my desire to explore new places eventually led me to start my own jewelry business. As a Southern California native, I've always felt drawn to the wild and free coastal lifestyle.

My passion for jewelry stems from my strong Native American heritage and my exposure to unique, vintage pieces throughout my upbringing. My mother has always been a collector and creator of Native American jewelry, which sparked my own interest in customized and unique pieces.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I founded my own personalized, nature-inspired jewelry business, ROOTSSEA Jewelry. My first trip abroad to Bali was a turning point for me. Surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking beaches, I knew it was my purpose to create divine, sustainably sourced jewelry. It was there that Rootssea was born. I now travel the world to collect one-of-a-kind gemstones, seashells, and sea glass to incorporate into my designs.